Jonathan Lewis to Join Non-Profit Board as CXO


Jonathan Lewis, incoming CXO of College EDge, Inc.
Jonathan Lewis, incoming CXO of College EDge, Inc.

We are thrilled to announce the election of Jonathan Lewis as a voting member of the Non-Profit Board to fill the position of Chief Expansion Officer (CXO)!

Jonathan joined the Yeshiva University Chapter of College EDge as a mentor for our 3rd Annual Seminar and Fair Day in Spring 2013. As a successful mentor with initiative and drive, Jonathan was directly recruited to the board as Assistant Creative Director. Over the summer, Jonathan overhauled the website and improved our overall marketing strategy, and was quickly promoted to full Creative Director for the 2013-2014 academic year. During that year, Jonathan independently took on many responsibilities outside his role as Creative Director, working with the President and other board members on improvements in intraboard communication, mentorship, events, and finances. By 2015, Jonathan was Vice President of Mentorship & Expansion.

In that role, Jonathan already began taking on non-profit tier work, particularly by building a partnership with UCLA and working with them to launch the UCLA branch, College EDge’s first outside New York. He is currently working on building two other branches, in the works to launch in the next academic year. With his talent, drive, and success, it was only natural that he be asked to join the Non-Profit board, and we are thrilled that he agreed to join. In this position, Jonathan will continue to grow College EDge’s national expansion, increasing our reach and success. In his own words:

“Over the past three years, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with an exceptionally motivated team, sharing a communal passion and mission. I am honored and excited to continue my journey with College EDge in my new appointment. The organization has come quite far from its inception, prompting the necessity to push College EDge outside its NYC borders to better serve underrepresented high school students. That being said, we are actively working to expand and establish chapters in universities across the country. Providing tools and empowering undergraduate students who wish to “take the next step” in improving their local high school communities is the goal we hope to achieve in the coming months.”

Welcome Jonathan Lewis, CXO!

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